How Animals Help People

Animals are around us in a lot of places. You might even be looking at one right now. And they have a lot of healing properties – well maybe not most predators -  but most small animals you’ll find in Britain are quite cute. Most of them, though, aren’t very tame but it still makes … Continue reading How Animals Help People

Gut Micro-organisms – Are You Feeding the Yeast Monster?

Have you got a stomach-ache or other gut related symptoms? It might be do to with micro-organisms in your gut called yeast - not the same as the ones in bread but they love eating sugar which means pretty much any sugar you eat including the ones in carbohydrates. They all feed the yeast and … Continue reading Gut Micro-organisms – Are You Feeding the Yeast Monster?

My Opinion of School

I haven't always been at home. I was at school until Year 2. I didn't really want to go to school. Nursery school was ok but school felt too long and I had to do things.  At nursery school I had choices.  School was very busy and very noisy. I couldn't really think straight. Now … Continue reading My Opinion of School