About Anorat

What Is It?

Anorat is a stop-motion animation created by me, designed to be something to watch for sensitive people who can’t manage constant flashes and hyperness. It is lovely and simple and should make you feel right at home.

What Does It Look Like?

The world of Anorat is set in my room along with a dolls house that the main characters live in.  All the characters are soft toys and they move around without a walking animation so they slide across the floor, but you can still see that they are walking. It is made great by its imperfections which give it a certain charm.  You will see the characters going though specific simple scenarios like cooking breakfast and then it gets burnt from someone messing with it. These simple concepts are what make it what it is. The characters are voiced by me, as I feel like making them speak in text would not suit them. There is no narrator, just me voicing them.

Why Do You Make It?

Creating Anorat animations is a personal passion and it is absolutely crucial for me to do it when I feel like I need to, or else I will start to feel really unwell

When Do You Make It?

Generally I tend to like doing Anorat at certain seasons. Like all of my passions usually that time is winter.  However it is possible I can make them in other seasons as well.

What Do You Think Will Change As You Make More Anorat?

I will probably improve on voice acting and the main story, however everything like the jerky walking and no speaking animation will stay the same as that is what adds the charm.

Who Is The Target Audience?

My target audience is anyone sensitive who can understand some fairly complex words like minor or inconvenience but there is no real age restriction.



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