My Opinion of School


I haven’t always been at home. I was at school until Year 2. I didn’t really want to go to school. Nursery school was ok but school felt too long and I had to do things.  At nursery school I had choices.  School was very busy and very noisy. I couldn’t really think straight. Now I know that it was a lot about the colours being wrong for me. But I didn’t know that then.

I had to colour in some shapes one day. I didn’t see why because the subject was maths and I knew how many balls there were. I didn’t like colouring and some girls used to tease me because I found it very hard to colour in-between the lines. Then one day I was told to colour in a stick figure. I coloured it in a colour that I thought was right but the teacher came and looked very cross. She told me off and said that men aren’t blue. I felt very upset and furious.  At home I had always coloured things the way I wanted to and it had always been OK.

What I really don’t like about school is just that I couldn’t be myself and express myself the way i want to.

What do you think about school? I would love to read your stories.

7 thoughts on “My Opinion of School

  1. I loved primary school even though I didn’t have any close friends. I liked my teachers and the activities on the whole. Although I remember I was always told not to ask so many questions. And when I eagerly put my hand up to answer questions the teachers often said “does anyone know except for Charlotte?”
    My home life was difficult because my mom always told me I was an accident. And I didn’t know what that meant at the time.
    Sometimes I was lonely.
    I enjoyed making my own fantasy worlds at home and at school.
    I went to a private girls school for secondary school. There I mostly coasted. Sadly I wasn’t challenged or engaged enough by most of the teachers. When a teacher was engaging, I excelled. I didn’t blossom in my confidence or learning until later in life. I didn’t pass my GCSEs I got special dispensation. I dropped out before getting A Levels. But after working abroad and travelling a lot, I learnt another language to fluency and I now have 2 bachelors degrees and MA studies.

    I will send your blog post to my friend Steph – she has difficulties with colours too

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  2. I went to school in Switzerland. I had some good, great and bad experiences too. I mostly liked it, especially when the teachers had a creative, open and kind attitude towards the pupils. I loved outdoor and quirky activities, like when we made butter in school, mapped the teacher s orchard and played with cool colourful school material. I also remember a teacher who told the class matter of factly the spelling level was awful and she thought we could do much better, so she planned to do drill our spelling as a class exercise to see if it would help. She didn t single out any of us and made it fun and an interesting challenge. I remember I felt she really cared and it brought the best out of me. Our spelling level hit the roof. She was firm with the curriculum but also helped us become our own individuals, appreciating our differences.
    I also remember a teacher who used to belittle and shame us. I once drew a horse in her class and wasn t so sure how to do the legs. She said that s not how horse legs were and my horse looked like it was falling, laughing at me like it was a stupid drawing. That was very unpleasant. It did not make me like school at all.

    My son Aaron tried a new nursery school here in the UK. He said there were too many children and that it was too loud, it made him nervous. He was enthusiastic but teachers didn t get that he was able to use very rational thinking and also do some advanced forms of humour like irony. He was told he was saying stupid things. He felt misunderstood, ashamed and became sad and scared at the idea of going. We brought him back to his previous Montessori which he loves. And we hope for him his new school next year will be a positive experience. There are many children too, but the teachers seem to care and have the children very engaged in what they do, so it s quiet.

    Aaron has synesthesia like his Daddy and that means he sees colours in numbers and letters for example. We have the house painted in beautiful lazure shades for all of us. Colours are important to help us feel better and even science proved it.

    Sometimes in the world in some situations you can express and be yourself fully, and sometimes less, that s how it goes. It doesn t change who you are inside, that s always there and always yours. You are very lucky to have loving parents who support you and see it. Well done to them!

    Well done for your blog post. Much love to you and your parents.



  3. When I was in year 2, there was a teacher who was new and acted at first as if she was really nice. However, she started to favour one girl and only praised her, never me and my sister even when we did really good work. It made me feel like I had been left out.


  4. I’m in Year 6, currently, and I’ve had some rather mean people. There was a group of people who constantly kept throwing basketballs at me. Ever since then I’ve kinda had trust issues with people in my school. I also flinch a lot more than I used to, like for example, if a basketball or football went anywhere near me, I scream! ._.

    So I get made fun of for that now, and also I get made fun of my ability at doing sports. I can barely run anywhere near as quick as others in my class, and one time, a person from Year 1 beat me in a race when I was in… near the end of Year 5. ._.

    Our school has 2 years in a class, and there’s 6 years (7 counting what we call ‘reception’ they’re basically below Year 1, but above nursery,) and I’m in the last class, Year 5 and Year 6.
    Our teacher is amazing, and has been brilliant with tackling bullying. The new Year 5’s seem to be a lot better than the old Year 6’s who are now in their first year of highschool. With our teacher, going to school no longer feels like a chore, because every lesson just… doesn’t feel like a lesson. And now the bullies have gone away to Year 7, I no longer dread going to school. The bullying hasn’t completely stopped though, as there are some bullies who are in the same year as me. Music helps me calm down after a day of bullying. I think that because of my physical condition, people feel more entitled to bully me, which should not be the case.

    Because I am quite good for coding, writing, spelling, maths or anything like that, (especially for my age, considering that I’m just about to turn 11,) I have good friends that I can help both in maths and literacy, and in tackling bullying, because I’ve had a slice of that myself. My friends have been with me all the way, and I am very happy that I have them to support me. I have made some new friends as well, though, who I get along with well.

    I hope that the bullying doesn’t start again when I reach high school.

    Good Blog! ~dannyboii~

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    1. 🕊 Thanks For The Nice Comment, I Really Hope The Bullying Gets Better. I Got Bullied Quite A Bit In School But Not As Much As You, But I Was Always Terrible At Running Compared To Everyone Else. I absolutely Despise Sports Day 😶 It Was Way To Loud And Honestly Quite Depressing, After I Stopped School, I Lost Touch With A Lot Of Friends But Only 2 Of Them We Still Mostly Keep In Touch With, I Only Got Told Of Once At School I Think At School And It Was For Just Walking In On Someone Being Bullied Accidentally. Hold On Just Let Me Get My Emojis Ready 😠😵😠😵😠 After That I Tried Attending An Online School And It Didn’t Work, Bulling Is A Huge Issue And May Partly Be Due To Hint Hint “Fortnite” Possibly, Not Sure 😐 Anyway I Hope It Stops — Luca Williams — 🕊.


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