How My Diet Has Greatly Improved

Hello and welcome to a new post by me I have not posted on this site in a while because I had nothing to post about. But now I do so enjoy the post!

One year ago my diet and general well-being were nowhere near as good as they are now. As, in January 2019 to March 2019, I was suffering from I.B.S, or irritable bowel syndrome. This basically makes you have awful stomach related symptoms that are too unpleasant for me to talk about. But I can say that I was extremely fatigued, could barely eat anything, and most of the time lying down on the sofa. I watched farming programs on TV with my Mum and Dad, which I found quite interesting. My diet at this time was not great and by that I am talking about bourbon biscuits daily for a snack and melted cheese with pasta for most lunches, but I did have a sandwich for tea, though I probably did eat too much bread. I have talked a bit about this in another post which you can read by clicking the button below, but this is more about my improvements so I will talk about them now.

Currently as of February 2020 my diet now consists of such a large variety of food that I have to have a document to show it all, you can download it

If you have looked at the document you can probably see that my diet has improved massively compared to early last year. I still have a lot of things I can’t eat such as cows-milk, beans & pulses, most vegetables and most fruit.

You may be thinking I hate vegetables but I actually rather like them, the only reason I can’t eat them is because my stomach for some reason does not react very well to them. But I am trying to eat more and am going to see.

If I can digest yellow peppers and swiss chard. You may be thinking that I should try supplements but I can’t digest hardly any of them because they have really sugary flavorings in them, However I am now taking a calcium powder supplement made from pure seaweed. I think my diet is getting much better than it was last year which is great. So I hope you have enjoyed this post and can learn something from it and only eat something if your stomach feels ok after it.

The End

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