About my life before this site

Hello and welcome to my website I am Luca Williams age 11 and have a rather creative personality, so i decided to make this website to show my creativity, I have made a website 2 or 3 times now but i kept on deleting them because i did not have any confidence due to me having colour sensitivity which means i struggle looking at and being around certain, colours and patterns, which causes symptoms like headaches,moving a lot and i also will end up being in quite a bad mood when near colour as well. So those symptoms are really annoying and difficult to live with but me and my mum and dad have found a helpful change that is really helped, and that change is house redecorating, now before this change our house had loads of colours that set off my symptoms constantly, which is insanely difficult to work with, but now most of the colour has been changed to colours i can cope with a lot better, so i decided to make this website to share my “Passionate Creativity!”