My Pet Doves


As a family, we have never had any pets until October the 3rd 2018 but before then we were thinking about having diamond doves and quails. Now, diamond doves are completely different as they have orange eyes, are about 8 times as small and live in a different climate. So, they are quite different from regular white doves. Anyway, our plan was to buy diamond doves and quails for our aviary, but we ended up getting 3 normal white doves because we found them in a pet shop. Apparently, their mum died and they were only a few weeks old so they could not look after themselves and were unaware of predators. Because of this they were sold in a pet shop so they could have a new home as ‘aviary doves’. Accordingly we bought them and took them to our aviary in a box. Now they are rather happy and safe in their aviary except for one dove that the other doves don’t let into their wooden box where they roost. Subsequently my Dad made the dove a small nesting box so it can sleep inside. Other than that the doves usually land on my head when I go in their aviary and they are very friendly as well so overall I am very pleased with them.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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