My Opinion On Fortnite

My Opinion On Fortnite

Fortnite is one game that I have to speak sort of strongly about in this post. Don’t worry, that does not mean swear words, this a perfectly clean post. Anyway the first problem I have with Fortnite is that I am pretty sure it lost me friends because one time there was a friend I met who was obsessed with Fortnite and when I mean obsessed I mean things like doing Fortnite Dances quite a bit of the time and he also talks about fortnite an awful lot. All that caused me to not be friends with him anymore because doesn’t killing other people with guns in a video game sound a bit messed up? Oh and also apparently some children who are so obsessed with Fortnite they STEAL THERE MUMS CREDIT CARD TO BUY VIRTUAL GAME CURRENCY CALLED VBUCKS!! And the highest amount of vbucks you can get is roughly 155 pounds which is usually what the credit card thief (AKA the mum’s child) usually goes for because of course, they would like the highest amount. So overall I think that Fortnite might be a bit of a problem, but as I said in another post it can be good to get your anger out, just not stealing a family member’s credit card. Losing a friend to it is a problem as well. I would probably use this saying I made up “Don’t get sucked into the tornado of Fortnite” All this means is don’t get over obsessed with it or you might start getting angry and aggressive.

Thank you for reading my post. I hoped you enjoyed it. Btw there is a poll below the disclaimer. Have a think about how you really feel about Fortnite.


I do not have any problem with the company who make Fortnite Epic Games. I am just sharing my opinion


2 thoughts on “My Opinion On Fortnite

  1. Couldn’t agree more. My sons don’t have it. They feel left out and isolated at school because they feel like they’re the “only ones” who don’t have it. We have enough problems with “screen addiction” and it’s resulting behavioural problems. We don’t need a violent game in the mix.
    Good on you, for promoting positivity.

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