Badger’s Strange Sensations

It was a January morning and Adam Badger got up and noticed he had a headache. He thought “That is strange because I have just had a good night’s sleep.” He cleaned his teeth and felt a funny sensation in is mouth – like it wasn’t quite so easy to open it as usual. He thought “Oh well, I better just get on with the day and hope I am OK.”

Badger put his nose out of his house to see what the weather was like today. Hmm, it was a nice sunny day. But Badger’s headache seemed worse. “Oh dear, he thought, I hope I am not getting Hattie Rat’s virus. Maybe I should go to the doctors’.”

So off Badger went to see Doctor Alpaca. He checked Badger over. He looked down his throat, listened to his chest, took his blood pressure and even took a urine sample. He then nodded his head and said “Badger you are fine. There is nothing wrong with you that I can find.”

So Badger thought he would get on his day. “Now, what had he planned for today? Oh yes, he was going to make a hole for his new storage system.” He went get his tools and among his favourite was his giant boring tool. Ah, you didn’t think badgers used tools but Badger was a contemporary sort of fellow and liked to work quickly and efficiently! He set up his boring tool and with a very loud roar it started up. He directed his tool into the hillside and quickly bored in a long way.

He bored so far that he reached the earth underneath the local school. H e knew that because as he was sat down having a rest eating his cheese sandwich when he heard voices. He could hear his friend Tres. Tres is a lamb – a small lamb. He heard Tres say “But Mrs Dove, I can’t go outside because it is giving me a headache.” And then the voice of Mrs Dove saying “But Tres it is good for you to go outside and get some fresh air. I have never heard of anyone getting a headache outside – only if it is very windy or very bright. And today it is just normal sun and it is January don’t forget- not the middle of the summer!”

Badger thought to himself “That is funny. Tres seems to have the same headache as me!” and then he realised that down in the darkness of his hole he no longer had a headache. “Oh wow!” he thought to himself” It must be something about the light. I don’t have Hattie Rat’s virus. I just have a problem with daylight.”” And” he said finally “I feel a lot worse on sunny days!”

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