My opinion on gaming

Video games have really helped me before this site because I find screens better for some reason. But only certain types of games. For example, things like fighting Player vs player type games get me into an aggressive mood and overall are not enjoyable. But I am not saying they are completely bad. If you want to get your anger out they are good but I don’t think people should play these types of games often because it could make them a bit angry and aggressive sometimes. But that’s just my opinion of them. There are also some games which don’t involve Player vs Player like Stardew Valley. There is a bit of fighting in some of it but it is mainly a farming game. But the crops take in-game days to grow so it has other things like mining and fishing you can do while you wait. While it is not the most creative of games it is rather relaxing and overall rather enjoyable to play. The last Category of games is Creative type games and they are great for people who have a creative personality, for example games like Minecraft where you can build houses out of cube-shaped blocks and much more. There are PVP servers but its only about 15% fighting other players. There is way more about Minecraft but that’s for another post I might make. There is also Roblox which lets you create games of your own and play other people’s games. So that is my opinion on gaming and I hope you enjoyed the post.

Oh and by the way, I do still play Minecraft and Stardew Valley.

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